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Corporate training

What do we do?

Natural leadership / Non-verbal Communication / Teambuilding.

Equine Assisted Development provides unique and effective training programmes for companies in which one can gain insight into personal leadership, and discover your own and other’s qualities and learn how to reinforce them. Fine-tuning your inner powers and your communication skills through addressing demeanour and behaviour will make it easier to achieve your goals. Because who you are will be the same as how you act. There will be no difference between your intentions and your actual behaviour.


What effect does the training have?

Provides insight into your personal behaviour and its effect on your environment.
Immediate application of the insights gained, meaning that you can implement improvements and solutions immediately and benefit from positive experiences.
Your impact on your environment will increase, meaning you can achieve your goals quickly and easily.


How are these effects achieved?

Horses’ reactions are very direct and they can clearly sense what it is you want and thus reflect your behaviour.
You can start practising other kinds of behaviour and see the effect it has on the horses.
By working with different horses you learn how to adjust to others, time and time again.
As there is no person-to-person discussion of your actions, it is possible to form a clear picture of yourself and to do so entirely at your own pace.
The feedback from the horse is extremely clear, which makes it possible for you to directly experience the effects of your own actions.
The training can last from half a day (initial training) up to a maximum of 3 days (with a selection of themes)

An extraordinary experience!